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What is Just Vids?

A platform for creating and sharing classes with your members


Create and customise your online academy for your members or the world


Share your classes so that they can be watched any time, any day


Earn more doing what you already do best, we'll handle the rest


How Just Vids can benefit you, your academy, and your members

For Academies

Build your online academy to help;

Gain a competitive edge over other local academies

Increase value for money by providing 24 hour access to your classes

Retain existing members, especially those unable to attend regularly

Increase revenue through raised prices or additional membership options for video access

Future proof your academy

For You

Just Vids provides unique features to benefit you

No setup costs so you can build your channel for free

Unlimited setup and ongoing support

Save time with our low or no video editing options

Tons more we know you'll love

For Members

Members will have all the benefits of online learning

24 hour access to content

Organised, structured, and central learning centre

Catch up on missed content

Review training to improve skills and the level of the academy


Here are some common questions and concerns about creating a channel on Just Vids

I don't have the time

We'll handle the editing*, we'll even make it effortless to send us the video

I can't afford the price

Build your channel for free now, only have to pay when you have people onboard

I don't have any equipment

If you have a phone, that's all you need

It'll be too hard to organise filming

Classes are already happening, just get someone to press start and stop on a phone

*extras are billed in addition to base pricing

Simple Investment


Simple and straightforward pricing, pay only for the number of people on your channel Weekly payments with no minimums
$ 2 /user/week
Subscribers Unlimited
Videos Unlimited
AutoEditor Yes
Categories Unlimited
Groups Unlimited
Support Yes

Want to know more?

Get in touch or check our docs for more info on how Just Vids could benefit you

Please note Just Vids is in a closed beta stage, so general public access is not yet available